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What I like about a dentist
What I am looking for in a dentist is easy. I am looking for someone who I can have a long term relationship with; knowing that I will see this person twice a year and they will be looking at a very important part of my body, my mouth. I look for someone who has an outgoing personality because when I see them I need them to be able to make a first move in the conversation. I can’t have someone who is shy or awkward making me take lead in the conversation. The conversation between a dentist and myself is very important, they need to be easy to talk too. I take the health of my teeth very seriously because out of all the body parts your smile is one of the most attributes that people notice first. I need to be able to feel comfortable in the conversation enough to bring up issues that might be bothering me. I always prefer if the dentist themselves lead this conversation by asking some open ended questions regarding the care of my teeth and if I have experienced any issues. Sometimes while in the dentist office issues that I’ve experienced in the last 6 months might escape my mind and the open ended questions bring them up to the forefront.
It is important for my dentist remembers my name and who I am every time I come into the office. I want to have a personal relationship with my dentist and not be a number on a chart or anonymous business transaction that happens every 6 months. A great dentist will remember who you are, where you work and some details in the conversation that you had in the office previous. This might include any concerns that we addressed in our last appointment and asking how things are going currently. I want to be able to spend a fair amount of time with my dentist so I don’t feel that the meeting we do have is rushed or that I am a bother. The dentist I’m looking for will have plenty of time to sit down and talk to me without looking up at a clock or rushing through the last portion of the exam. So, the old saying you can’t judge a book by its cover is more important than anything in this situation. I will pass up the new bigger buildings for a more personal relationship with a dentist.

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