Eyelid Surgery in Seattle Washington

There are different types of plastic surgery that you can get in Seattle, Washington. One of the most common procedures is Eyelid Surgery, known as Blepharoplasty. If you are having some scars from your surgery, there is a plastic surgeon who can remove them for you.


Blepharoplasty is done on the upper and lower eyelids. It is done by putting a flap to cover the outer part of the eyelid to be reshaped or augmented with a new eyelid. It is also used to lift the eyebrows to prevent them from sagging. Most plastic surgeons recommend performing this surgery if the eyelids are puffy or droopy.

Lower eyelid scarring can be removed through eyelid surgery. It works like a liposuction. The surgeon removes the excess fat and skin along the lower eyelid.

The upper eyelid scarring can be removed with a smaller operation called Eyelid Plugs. An incision is made under the skin to cover the upper part of the eyelid. A small wedge will be inserted to make the eyelid appear wider.

Some people do not want any more scarring after their cosmetic surgery. The Seattle Eyelid Surgery Center can perform blepharoplasty on an outpatient basis. After a recovery period, you can come back for your next appointment.

Some of the benefits to this plastic surgery include being able to remove excess skin and fat. Another benefit is that you will look healthier than before the surgery. You will also look better and have a higher self-esteem as well.

Before choosing a Portland eyelid surgeon, ask for references. You should find a plastic surgeon that specializes in eyelid surgery. He or she should be experienced in the plastic surgery procedure as well as the areas of the face that are affected by the surgery.

A good plastic surgeon will also offer complimentary consultations. This means you can meet with him or her to discuss your options and possible costs of the surgery. You should be able to call and speak with him or her if you need to make changes or revisions to your surgery.

The procedure should be performed by someone with lots of experience in the field, especially with the eye surgeons. Before committing to the surgery, you should speak with your doctor and find out his or her opinion. He or she can tell you if you have any risks, the surgeon’s qualifications, the costs of the procedure, and the best time to have it done.

Some eye surgery that you may consider are a brow lift, LASIK, and micro eyelid surgery. The differences in all of these procedures are the types of surgery. But they can be done in one day, so don’t put off your consultation just because you are afraid that you might not like the final results.

Do your research to find a doctor who is certified by your state. That way you know you can trust the doctor with your eyes. You should find someone who specializes in eyelid surgery.

Eyelid Plastic Surgery is one of the most common procedures that you can get done in the Seattle area. Be sure you are doing it right the first time. This is important, so make sure you get the best results for your situation.

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